#FemaleFilmmakerFriday: Athena Film Festival Spotlight on Director Julia Hart

“The best thing we can do in this industry is be unapologetically female. The best way to get men on board is to just do that. And I’ve been fortunate to work with men who do support that. Again, we talk about diversity in terms of gender, race and sexual orientation and disability and that means having male perspectives in the room. If we want to talk true diversity, we need to have everybody’s voice in the room.” Continue reading #FemaleFilmmakerFriday: Athena Film Festival Spotlight on Director Julia Hart

Switzerland:  A Rebellion

Switzerland: A Rebellion

The fondue had begun to cool and the choices of meat to dip into the melted cheese were dwindling. The bottles of wine were nearly all dried out. Four women sat around an old dining table that used to belong to the grandmother of one of those women. The women were discussing how it felt to be a women in the workforce in Switzerland and whether women were too linked to being emotional, and what the hell being “too emotional” even meant. Continue reading Switzerland: A Rebellion

Toronto Tales

Toronto Tales

While working a job that requires you to work during the holidays, I wasn’t able to go home to Chicago this year. Instead, I took my “weekend” (Thursdays and Fridays) off between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to venture to Toronto because 1. Why Not? and 2. I had never even been to Canada before. Continue reading Toronto Tales