Ma Raison d’Être

Bonjour! I’m not French. I only thought I was for my entire childhood because I lived just outside of Paris when I was two.

Here’s me in Paris, age 2, with very little hair figuring out how one eats a baguette. Just as one eventually figures out that living in France does not make you French. There’s a lot going on here.

Nope, I’m American. A Chicago native living in NYC.

Okay, okay. You caught me. I was born in Chicago, in the Lakeview neighborhood to be exact. But I grew up in a western suburb. There, ya happy?

Now I live in Ridgewood, Queens (not even the “real” NYC or even the real Bushwick – I’m not off to a great start in gaining your trust, am I?) Does it help that I lived in the Yorkville area of the Upper East Side, Manhattan when I first moved to New York, then in Ridgewood, then in Central Harlem (the real Harlem), and now I’ve found myself relocated back to Ridgewood. I live in an area where I get off the train in Bushwick, Brooklyn and walk four blocks into Queens where my apartment sits on a street that rhymes with badonkadonk. We all about the booty in Ridgewood.

Oh gosh, please don’t kick me out of your beautiful neighborhood!

I moved to NYC to live out my dream of becoming an actor. I trained at an acting school for two years and then almost instantaneously became famous. Which is why you already knew who I was before you visited me here. 🙂

I work a day job just for fun. NOT because I’m not a famous actor. That’s totally not why. I work with an organization doing homeless outreach. So I drive around Queens talking to our clients that live on the streets and help get them into a transitional housing unit. It’s a really wonderful way to interact with people and learn about new perspectives in life. Queens is super diverse so the lunch break options are amazing. You can eat a Trinidadian aloo pie or doubles for breakfast (for just $1!) and the #6 hot chili oil wontons from a hole-in-the-wall Chinese spot called White Bear for lunch (if you try to order anything else they will give you the #6 anyway because their wontons are the best) and feel like you’ve engaged with people from around the world without even leaving your backyard. It’s a really good job for travel junkies and actors who like to learn about the other people co-existing with us in this world. Plus, it’s a way to help out and make some sort of difference in your own community.

I started this blog because, while I enjoy the work I do, both the homeless outreach and the occasional acting gig, I get a wicked high from traveling the world, seeing new places, trying new foods and, most importantly, meeting and learning from some of the most amazing people who will really teach you a thing or two about what’s important in life and f*ck up your whole preconceived notion of what life is all about. (That was one sentence. Are you impressed?)

Okay, now here’s the most important part of this introduction.

I want to use this space to give voice to those who feel like they don’t have one. Or those who are literally unable to speak out about what it’s like to be a woman, non-binary or LGBT identifying person in the place they live. I want to explore the similarities and differences between the concerns women have in each country, city, town, wherever. I want to share ideas from these womxn, who may be able to help another woman or other-gendered person who is feeling isolated in their own part of the world. I want to evoke conversation between continents. I want to knock the patriarchy across the globe and far into outer space where it becomes engulfed by a black hole. I want to uplift these people’s voices through the ideation of equality and community. I want to create a safe space for these stories to be shared. And I want you, as a reader, to feel seen, heard and understood.

It’s a lot that I’m trying to do but I hope you will join me on this journey. I hope you will explore, learn, and grow with me as I meet others just like you and me from all around the world. 

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” 
― audre lorde

Crans Montana, Switzerland, January 2018.
My favorite trip yet with some of the most wonderful women I’m lucky to know.
Where to next??

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